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Developed by Dr. Ronald Holden at Queen’s University, the Holden Applicant Reliability Measure (HARM) is a 30 minute, 100-item true/false self report online screening tool that measures on-the-job counterproductive behaviors such as interpersonal conflict, absenteeism, missing deadlines, dishonesty, and arrival tardiness to name a few. Employers can accurately identify applicants that possess these counterproductive behaviors and hire the right candidate with the right fit, the first time.

The cost of counterproductive workplace behavior is staggering:

  • Counterproductive workplace behaviors are estimated to be responsible for as much as 20% of all business failures and up to 2% of annual business sales
  • Deviant and delinquent employee behaviors have been associated with annual organizational loss estimates of anywhere from $6 to $200 billion
  • American statistics estimate the cost of internet misuse amount to $85 billion
  • Retailers attribute approximately half of their inventory shrinkage to employee theft
  • Time theft affects almost 75% of U.S. businesses, costing companies up to 7% of their gross annual payroll
  • Surveys reveal that up to 80% of employees steal from their employers
Time theft
affects almost 75% of U.S. businesses

Marlowe-Crowne Social Desirability Scale
(Crowne and Marlow, 1960)

Some individuals while completing questionnaires that assess their personality, temperament and demeanor tend to portray themselves positively. These individuals exaggerate or inflate their strengths and achievements and often deny or trivialize their deficiencies and failures in an attempt to portray themselves as similar to the norms and standards of their society and community. This is called a social desirability bias and in 1960 Marlowe and Crowne developed a seminal scale to identify the extent to which individuals exhibit this bias. This scale has been incorporated into the HARM computerized assessment to identify attempts to deceive by the test subject

Is HARM Accurate?

  • The simple answer? Yes! HARM is designed to measure counter-productive behavior and social desirability. Through a series of validity tests, HARM has been proven to accurately measure and identify these behaviors and traits, taking the guess work out of job applicant credibility.

Is HARM Reliable?

  • Yes! Reliability was determined based on internal consistencies between test subjects. The expected correlation of tests that measure the same construct is known as alpha. Alpha can range from .00 to 1.00, with 1.00 being perfect reliability. Based on reliability tests, HARM scales are acceptable to excellent, meaning HARM is accepted by evidence as being a reliable resource to help you in your hiring process! Validity testing was performed by Dr. Ron Holden, Queen’s University and further assessed by Dr. Angela Book, Brock University. For more information on these highly respected researchers, you can read their bio’s below! For copies of studies, please contact us.

Dr. Ronald Holden

Ronald R. Holden is an Associate Professor of Psychology at Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada. He also has appointments in the Queen’s University Department of Psychiatry. Dr. Holden has held academic appointments at the University of Western Ontario and Trent University. His clinical training and research affiliations include the Clarke Institute of Psychiatry, London Psychiatric Hospital and Kingston Psychiatric Hospital.

Dr. Angela Book

Angela Book is an Associate Professor of Psychology at Brock University in St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada. Her publication history includes articles on psychopathy, victim selection and deception on self-report personality measures. She has also published numerous chapters on psychopathy and socially desirable responding. Dr. Book is also a consultant on risk assessment for the Niagara Regional Police and teaches courses on forensic psychology and predatory violence.

HARM and ACE: The Perfect Pairing

When used in tandem, HARM and ACE gives you detailed, valuable insight into your candidate pool. This streamlines the hiring process allowing you to maximize your resource management, reduce employee turnover, and most importantly, save you money.

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