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  • Add additional Recruiters to your Administrator Account and create their test purchasing rights.


    Step 1.

    Once you are logged into your Recruit Rite Account, from the My Account home page select the option to ‘Add A New Recruiter’ in the ‘Manage Recruiters’ section.  NOTE:  This option is only available to the Administrator of the company account.  


    Step 2.

    Fill in all of the required fields to add a Recruiter to your account.  If you would like the Recruiter to have test purchasing rights, check the ‘Purchasing Priveleges’ box that appears towards the bottom of the page.  Once you have added all of the Recruiters information, select the ‘Add Recruiter’ button.  The Recruiter will automatically be sent an e-mail asking them to confirm their account.  They will need to click on the link included in the e-mail and follow the instructions in order to activate their account.


    Step 3.

    You will now be returned to the home page of your Recruit Rite account.  By selecting the ‘View All Recruiters’ option from the ‘Manage Recruiters’ section of the page you will be able to see the profiles for all of the Recruiters associated with your account.


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