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HARM Integrity Test Research Manual

  • Developed by Dr. Ronald Holden at Queen’s University, the Holden Applicant Reliability Measure (HARM) is a 30 minute, 100-item true/false self report screening tool that measures on-the-job counterproductive behaviors such as interpersonal conflict, absenteeism, missing deadlines, dishonesty and arrival tardiness to name a few.  Employers can accurately identify applicants that possess these counterproductive behaviors and hire the right candidate with the right fit, the first time.


    Some individuals while completing questionnaires that assess their personality, temperament and demeanor tend to portray themselves positively. These individuals exaggerate or inflate their strengths and achievements and often deny or trivialize their deficiencies and failures in an attempt to portray themselves as similar to the norms and standards of their society and community. This is called a social desirability bias and in 1960 Marlowe and Crowne developed a seminal scale to identify the extent to which individuals exhibit this bias. This scale has been incorporated into the HARM computerized assessment to identify attempts to deceive by the test subject.


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