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Are these screening tests accurate?

  • Yes! HARM and ACE have been proven accurate through a series of validity tests by Dr. Ronald Holden at Queen’s University and Dr. Angela Book at Brock University. For copies of the test studies please contact us.

Are these screening tests reliable?

  • Yes! Reliability was determined based on internal consistencies between test subjects. The expected correlation of tests that measure the same construct is known as alpha. Alpha can range from .00 to 1.00, with 1.00 being perfect reliability. Based on reliability tests, both HARM and ACE have results that are acceptable to excellent, meaning HARM and ACE have been accepted by evidence as being a reliable resource to help you in your hiring process!

How much will pre-employment screening save my organization?

  • Cost savings will differ for each organization based on company size, turnover rate, and position level. Considering employee turnover costs 30%-400% of an employee’s annual salary to replace them, the savings potential is immense! In fact, in one study, pre-employment screening resulted in a 50% reduction in employee terminations for theft, illegal drug use, and violence over a 5-year period, and a savings in shrinkage losses that amounted to over 2 million dollars over a 2-year period.

How long does it take to administer an online screening test?

  • HARM is a 30-minute, 100 question, self-administered test.

  • ACE is a 10-minute, 30 question, self-administered test.

How long does it take to get the results?

  • After the test has been completed, the administrator will receive the test results within 10 minutes.

What is the process for administering the screening tests?

  • The job candidate will receive an email from the account administrator with a link to the test and passcode. The candidate will enter the passcode and begin the test. As the screening is done online, the test can be completed from any setting where a computer and internet are accessible. Once the test is complete, the account administrator will receive the candidates results.

What’s the process for taking the tests?

  • The job candidate will receive an email from your HR personnel with a link to the Recruit Rite website. The candidate will create a login, select your organization, and take the test. This can be done remotely from their own computer. Once the test is complete, you will receive an email with the candidates results.

  • All personal information provided by the candidate is subject to our Privacy Policy.

Is pre-employment screening legal?

  • Yes! Employers have the right to use pre-employment tests to make hiring decision as long as the tests are job related and do not violate the Civil Rights Act, ensure equitability, and prevent unfair discrimination in hiring.

  • Our pre-employment screening instruments DO NOT test for or discriminate on grounds of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, medical conditions, mental health or other psychiatric disabilities.

Can people fake the Integrity Screening Test (HARM)?

  • Some individuals while completing questionnaires that assess their personality, temperament and demeanor tend to portray themselves positively. These individuals exaggerate or inflate their strengths and achievements and often deny or trivialize their deficiencies and failures in an attempt to portray themselves as similar to the norms and standards of their society and community. This is called a social desirability bias and in 1960 Marlowe and Crowne developed a seminal scale to identify the extent to which individuals exhibit this bias. This scale has been incorporated into the HARM computerized assessment to identify attempts to deceive by the test subject.

Is there a cost to administer the pre-employment screening tests?

  • No! Whether you have purchased a monthly subscription or a test bundle there is no fee to administer the test. The test is self-administered by the candidate from the comfort of their own computer.

Are screening tests means to replace interviews?

  • No! Pre-employment screening is a tool used during the hiring and interview process to help you make better informed hiring decisions by flagging counterproductive workplace behaviors and/or personality traits that are compatible with the job demands.

Who should use the Recruit Rite tests?

  • Recruit Rite tests were built to be relevant, accurate and applicable in a number of industries.  These include Safety and Security, Business and Finance, Banks, Call Centres, Hospitality, Insurance, Manufacturing, Restaurants, Retail, Oil and Gas, Legal Services, IT, Health and Medical, Government, Police, Education, among many others.  Call us to see if our testing is a fit for you!

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