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Has your organization ever had an employee problem with:

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The cost of not properly screening candidates during the hiring process can have a significant impact on your bottom line.

Training one employee costs:


in companies with <500 workers


in companies with >500 workers

High employee turnover costs:

30% - 400%

of an employee’s annual salary to replace them

of employee turnover is
caused by bad hiring

Where do traditional interviews fall short?

The goal of Recruit Rite is to properly screen job candidates and provide insights into the fit between the candidate and the organization to maximize resource management.

Our pre-employment instruments assess on the job behaviour, specifically counter productive behaviours and personality traits. HARM and ACE recognize that some candidates exaggerate or inflate their strengths and achievements and often deny or trivialize their deficiencies and failures. This is done in an effort to be seen as having certain traits or characteristics desired by the employer. Our programs can identify attempts to deceive the test, providing employers better insight into the candidate pool. This allows employers to make more informed hiring decisions with the ultimate goal to reduce employee turnover and the potential to save your organization thousands of dollars.

HARMIntegrity Screening

The Holden Applicant Reliability Measure (HARM) is a 30 minute, 100 item true/false, self report online screening tool, that assesses on-the-job counterproductive behaviors.

ACEPersonality Screening

ACE is a 30 item, 10 minute, online screening tool that measures the big 5 personality traits, with specific focus on the top 3 traits that are transferrable across cultures.

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